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Setting Up Your Online Student Center

Updated: 03/21/2016


Setting up your accounts will prepare you for class registration. Before you can access your Online Student Center, you must create your Maricopa Enterprise Identification or MEID.


Your Maricopa Enterprise Identification (MEID) is the username you will use to log in to college systems and accounts, such as the Online Student Center, Maricopa Student Email, and MCCCD Learning Management Systems.

For detailed instructions about creating an MEID, click here.

Please Note: If you are unable to provide a social security number during this process, you will need to contact your college's Admissions, Records, and Registration Office to determine alternative identification methods.

Within 5 minutes of creating your MEID, you will be able to log in to the Online Student Center

Verifying Student Email

After setting up your Online Student Center, you will want to verify your Maricopa Student Email account. Your Maricopa email address will be

To activate your Maricopa Student Email:

  • Log in with your MEID and password at

  • Read and follow the instructions

  • Agree to the Terms of Service

  • Click "Accept" to create your new account

Click the link to learn more about Maricopa Student Email features and functions. 

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