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Updated: 06/07/2015


Welcome to Maricopa Community Colleges


If you are ready to create your MEID (User ID) account or apply for admissions, click here:

New students, please see below for more information.

Getting Started With The New Student Checklist

Getting ready for college is your responsibility. The more that you plan out ahead of time, the better. Part of planning ahead includes completing all of the requirements and processes leading up to your first semester of college.

As you work your way through each step of the checklist, read and follow all of the directions. The directions will point toward the next step in the process, from enrollment, to registration, and ultimately, to your first day of class.

The Student Organizer Sheet (S.O.S)

Student Organizer Sheet S.O.S. 

The S.O.S. will help make your enrollment, advisement, and registration experience easier. Although the S.O.S. is not an official registration form, it is still suggested that you print the form, and use it for your own personal reference. Download the Student Organizer Sheet (S.O.S) (PDF)



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