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Updated: 01/22/2015

Some advice from students: Plan, prepate, and act on your future; studying is more important than being smart; you can't do this alone; don't let your pride get in the way of seeking help.
1-2 rule of thumb: One hour of class time equals two hours of study time.
Successful students do the following things: Go to Class, Take Notes, Read Assignments, Schedule Study Time, Start Assignments Early, Ask Questions, Get to know their Professor, Connect with their Peers, Participate in Campus Clubs or Activities, Get Enough Sleep, Eat well, and Exercise.
Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Ask for Help! You don't have to figure out everything on your own. Experts are available to help you in the following areas: financial aid - get help paying for college; tutoring - connect with a tutor to help improve your grades; advising - seek guidance in choosing classes or a degree; career services - get assistance in finding your purpose; counseling - talk to a counselor about personal or academic concerns; library - get help with research, finding books, articles, and other resources. 

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