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STEP 3: Awarding of Financial Aid

Updated: 04/15/2015


After your financial aid application is reviewed and verified, you will receive an electronic award notification from the Financial Aid Office in your Online Student Center. Most commonly, you will receive a yearly award for both fall and spring semesters.

This award notice will identify the types and amounts of financial aid that you may receive. Carefully read the award notice and follow all instructions. 

Award amounts are frequently based on your enrollment. You should always consider the financial aid impact and consequences before dropping and adding classes.


  • Full time (12 or more credit hours)

  • Three-quarter time (9-11 credit hours)

  • Half time (6-8 credit hours)

  • Less than half time (1-5 credit hours)

Remember, you can deny the loan(s), accept the loan(s), or reduce the loan amounts.

Please Note: Accepted financial aid awards may hold your classes/enrollment on and after the payment due date.  However, you must insure that you have enough financial aid funds to cover any outstanding tuition, fee, or other expenses on your student account.


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