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Updated: 07/21/2015

Part of being a student is researching options for financing your college courses prior to registering for classes for the semester.

Planning includes researching, learning, and discussing with experts to understand college resources and opportunities available to aid you in reaching your educational goals.

There are a variety of resources that can help you pay for college. Many students receive some type of financial aid (more than one in every three) and also typically use a blend of the resources listed below to help fund their education. Everyone should apply for one or more types of financial aid as there may be funds that are just right for you. Maricopa Community Colleges’ financial services staff are there to help you sort through all of the information to make financially responsible decisions! 

  • To contact your Financial Aid Office, use this number for all colleges: 855-622-2332 (toll free)

Click on any of the following links to learn more about different types of financial aid that may help you to reach your educational goals:

In addition to the standard forms of financial aid that are mentioned above, there are additional ways to help supplement the cost of tuition and fees, including...

  • Any of the four major credit cards, check, or cash

  • Employee Tuition Waivers

  • Veterans Benefits (U.S. military, veterans, or veterans' dependents)

  • Job Sponsorship (talk with your employer about benefits)

  • Talent Waiver Scholarships (visit your college to learn more)

  • Self-fund


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