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Contacting Your Instructor

Updated: 02/16/2015


Find Out How to Contact Your Instructor


1. Log in to your Online Student Center using your MEID and password.

    2. Click on "My Class Schedule" under the Academics heading and Enrollment sub-heading.

      3. Select the term and college where you are enrolled in the class.

      4. Find your class in the class schedule, and look under the "Instructor" column to find your instructor's name.


      Look Up Your Instructor's Contact Information


      1. Search for your instructor on the Maricopa Employee Directory.

      2. Click on your instructor's name to send him or her an email.

      Please note: If your class has an online component in Canvas LMS or RioLearn, your instructor may suggest you contact them through the pertinent interface.  If you have a course syllabus, you can also review the documentation for communication preferences.


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