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Parking Permits

Updated: 06/01/2015


If you operate or park a motor vehicle on college property, you may be required to register the vehicle with campus parking. Depending on the campus requirements, you may need to secure and display a current parking permit on the registered vehicle. Parking permits can be obtained free of charge.

Since each college can choose to implement permits differently, it is very important to check the specific requirements currently in place at your college.

The college may issue color-coded parking permits on the basis of classifications of the registrant. The color of the parking permit indicates the area in which the vehicle may be parked. The permit does not ensure the availability of a parking space but grants the privilege of parking in a specified area when space is available.

Students who operate or park a motor vehicle on campus property may be required to sign an affidavit at the time of registration that the vehicle complies with A.R.S. 49-542 relating to vehicle emission testing. Vehicles that do not comply with A.R.S. 49-542 will not be granted a permit.

Multiple Vehicles

Employees or students who use more than one vehicle must obtain a permit for each vehicle.

Parking Fines

Failure to comply with college parking and traffic regulations can result in fines. Violators may also be subject to additional sanctions, such as vehicle towing and impoundment, withdrawal or suspension of parking privileges, encumbrances of records, oral or written reprimand, or any such combination.

All fines are doubled if not paid within fifteen (15) working days. Habitual, aggravated violations, or flagrant disregard of vehicle control regulations by students, is grounds for suspension or expulsion from the institution.

    Please Note: Currently, Rio Salado College and Glendale Community College do not require students to display parking permits to park in student parking areas. However, you are advised to still make yourself aware of campus parking regulations since there are some significant sanctions in choosing to ignore them.


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