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Updated: 06/28/2016


Tuition Costs

Tuition costs are based on lawful presence, residency, fiscal school year, and type of credit hour. Other fees apply. View the Adopted Tuition and Fee Schedule for a full list of rates for 2015-2016.

Please Note: The most recent Tuition and Fee Schedule can always be accessed in the Online Policy Manual. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Net Price Calculator

Use the Net Price Calculator to help estimate costs. The Net Price Calculator is a tool designed to help students estimate what the annual costs may be to attend any of the Maricopa Community Colleges or Skill Centers.

Residency and Lawful Presence Requirements

For new students, remember that unless you prove your in-state/county status by providing the required supporting documentation, out-of-state tuition rates will apply.

The most commonly used documents are U.S. birth certificates, U.S. passports, and an Arizona Driver's license or an Arizona State ID. An Arizona Driver's permit can be used to establish residency but is not sufficient documentation for eligibility to disburse any state funds.

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Senior Citizen Tuition Rate

Beginning July 1, 2016, students ages 65 and older who are residents of Maricopa County can take advantage of a tuition discount for credit classes at all Maricopa Community Colleges. The discounted rate is 50 percent off the current County Resident tuition.

To be eligible for the Senior Citizen Tuition Rate, students must be 65 or older at time of enrollment, residents of Maricopa County, and eligible for in-state tuition. All credit courses at all Maricopa Community Colleges are eligible for the discount. It does not apply to clock-hour or non-credit courses. Registration and course fees are not discounted.

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