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Maricopa Student Email

Updated: 12/02/2015


Maricopa Community Colleges provides free email to all students through Maricopa Student Email, powered by Google. All official email communication is sent to your student email account, so it is very important to check it regularly. Your Maricopa email account is also the best way to stay in touch with classmates and correspond with instructors.

You can access your email by clicking on the Maricopa Email link on the homepage. Your email address will always be If you’re not sure what your MEID is, learn more about how to discover your MEID on the Technical Help page.

You can personalize your Maricopa Student Email to better suit your needs.  It is possible, for example, to create folders and tags for your messages. You may also choose to forward your Maricopa Student Email to an email address that you check frequently.

To learn more about Maricopa Student Email functions mentioned above, click here. To log in and access your Maricopa Student Email or to view additional information about your account functions, visit



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