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Tuition Payment Statement (1098-T)

Updated: 04/22/2015


The 1098-T form, also referred to as the "Tuition Payment Statement," is mailed to the student to assist you, the taxpayer, in determining if you are eligible to claim tax credits such as The American Opportunity Credit or the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit for educational expenses.

Click here to learn why the 1098-T form is important for you.

You can also view the information contained within the 1098-T by clicking (from the main menu of the Online Student Account center) "Account Activity" in the drop down menu under Finances. It should be noted that specific dates can be selected under "View By."

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Click any of the questions below for more information about your 1098-T:

  • Institutions of higher education have the option of reporting either payments received (Box 1) or qualified charges billed (Box 2) to the IRS.

  • Eligible or qualified charges are any in-state or out-of-state tuition charges plus the following fees: course fees, lab fees, and registration fees.

  • Non-qualified charges include the following: housing, meal plan, health fee, insurance, fees for non-credit courses, or any transportation fees or costs.

  • MCCCD will report all charges billed to the account within the calendar year (Jan. 1st-Dec. 31st). The 1098-T form will be mailed on or before January 31

  • Students automatically charge their accounts by registering for classes. If you registered during early registration you charged your account at that time, making those charges eligible to claim the previous year and should have reflected on the previous year's 1098-T.

    Please Note: it is oftentimes the case that if the student receives the The American Opportunity Credit, it will apply to the account in January for the spring semester, so while the student's charges will appear on the previous year's 1098-T, the H.O.P.E. Scholarship will often appear on the current 1098-T.

  • 1098-T forms are mailed to the permanent residence listed on your student record. If your 1098-T was mailed to the wrong address, please make sure all information in your student account is currently up-to-date. You can update address information in the student system by logging into your Online Student Center at

  • There is no requirement for the 1098-T to be attached along with your tax return. This document may be kept for your personal records.

  • Any further questions can be directed to a representative in the Student Financial Services Department by phone at (480) 731-8700. You may also want to consider viewing the following web site for more detailed information: IRS - (type "1098-T" in search box)


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