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Student ID Information

Updated: 03/02/2015


Student identification information may include your identification card for a college, or your general student ID number. Both are important to your enrollment and access to Maricopa Community College resources.

Student ID Number

In addition to your MEID, all Maricopa Community Colleges have an eight digit student ID number that begins with the number “3”. If you need to locate your student ID:

  1. Go to

  2. From the homepage, click on the Online Student Center button

  3. Log in using your MEID and password

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Online Student Center and click on “Demographic Information” under Personal Information

  5. Your student ID number will be the eight-digit number located next to ID

Student ID Card

You are encouraged to carry your student identification card whenever you are on campus. Student IDs are free of charge and required for all college libraries, fitness centers, and various other campus services.

College ID cards are typically obtained either through the Admissions and Records office or the Department of Public Safety on your campus. However, the process can be a little different at each campus. See your college's student ID website for more information.

To get your student ID card, you need to be enrolled in the current semester and present a form of identification at the correct office. Since it takes the student information system twenty-four hours to update your record, you are generally not able to pick up your student ID the same day that you register. Although there is no fee for your first student ID card, there is a charge to replace a lost ID.

As a successful Maricopa Community College student, it is important to be aware of your student identification information and keep it in a safe place for your use.


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