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Obtaining a Confirmation ID

Updated: 09/30/2015

Confirmation IDs are used if you do not have or do not want to use your social security number when using the MEID Account Wizard (MAW) to set up your Online Student Center. You may also use your confirmation ID to recover your MEID or password instead of a social security number.

You will need to contact the Admissions and Records office at your college to obtain a confirmation ID.  In order to create your confirmation ID, the Admissions and Records office will need to enter the information collected on a completed Student Information Form (SIF).  You should have a completed SIF available before requesting the confirmation ID.

College Link to Student Information Form (SIF)
Chandler-Gilbert SIF
Estrella Mountain SIF
Gateway SIF
Glendale SIF
Mesa SIF
Paradise Valley SIF
Phoenix SIF
Rio Salado SIF
Scottsdale SIF
South Mountain SIF


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