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Updated: 03/05/2015

Life Is About Choosing Your Own Path

College should not be any different. Wherever you are at in life and whatever you are looking for, there is a path and a Maricopa Community College that is just right for you. Whether it is a certificate or degree program, preparation for university transfer, career training and advancement, or simply personal enrichment, Maricopa Community Colleges strive to provide the academic program or courses to help you succeed. If you already know your educational path, proceed to learning your appropriate academic plan code.

Earn A Community College Certificate or Degree

A community college certificate or degree can open doors for you that a high school diploma cannot. College courses provide an opportunity for you to understand your strengths, prepare to obtain a better job, and be more successful in your career. Community college can challenge your abilities and help you to become more independent. It is a great place to both explore your current interests and develop new ones. At the Maricopa Community Colleges, you will find the support of caring instructors and student success professionals to provide you with ongoing support.

If you are interested in learning more about community college and what it can mean for your future, you might like to explore the College Board page.

University Transfer

Focus on your classes, not your tuition. With the same general classes as a university, our colleges are a cost-effective way for you to find the courses and flexibility you need to get on the road to academic success.

The District has transfer agreements with many universities, which means your transfer to a university can happen seamlessly. This MCCCD site can help you explore the transfer process from Maricopa Community Colleges.

  • Career training and advancement – Go back to get ahead.

  • Find the job training and career services you need to start a new career or take your current job to the next level. Career Services can help you explore career training and advancement options.

Personal Enrichment

Never stop learning. No matter your age, you are the right age for college. With a variety of subjects, convenient schedules, and online classes, you are sure to find an opportunity for learning that is just right for you.  Maricopa Community Colleges have thousands of continuing education offerings. Please view this site for more information on continuing education opportunities at the Maricopa Community Colleges.

For additional assistance planning your college experience, please feel free to contact one of the academic or career advisors at your neighboring Maricopa Community Colleges. They are waiting to assist you!

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