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Checking Your Grades

Updated: 10/08/2015


There are two ways to check your final official grade once your class is over and grades have been posted:


To check your grades, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Check Grades icon.

  3. Log in using your MEID and password, if prompted.

  4. Select the term (semester) and college you would like, and click Continue.

  5. Your grade(s) will be displayed on the screen.

From within the Online Student Center

If you are already logged into your Online Student Center, you can navigate to the same place as above:

  1. If you are not at the home page of the Online Student Center, get there by clicking Student Center on the top menu.

  2. Under the Academics heading, under the Academic History sub-heading, click on Grades.

  3. Select the term (Semester) and college you would like, and click Continue.

  4. Your grade(s) will be displayed on the screen.

Key Terms in Your Grade Report


This is the short title for the course you took, made up of three-letter subject, and a course number (for example, ENG101).


This is a longer, more descriptive name for the course (for example, First Year Composition).


This column identifies how many credits you receive by completing the course.


This will tell you whether you are taking the class for Standard Letter Grades or Pass/Fail. In most cases, you will take classes for Standard Letter Grades.


This is the final grade that you have earned for the class. Grades are identified on a four-point scale. Learn more about grades in the Maricopa Grading Policy.

Grade Points

This signifies how many grade points you earned for this course. Grade points are calculated by multiplying Units by the point value of your final grade. For example, a grade of B is a point value of 3.0, so a B in a three-credit class would be worth 9 grade points. Grade points are used to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA).


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